Why we Read

Yesterday, I pondered the thought of why we read, or why we should read. I did some research and here’s what I got.

1. Prevent Alzheimers and Dementia disease. Studies have shown that reading stimulates the brain that can even prevent you from getting these diseases in the future.

 2. Controls your stress. We all have stress in our lives, there’s no doubt about that. Reading can actually help you become less stressed once your brain is focusing on someone else’s life instead of yours for a little bit. I find this only works with a really good book.

3. Expands your Vocabulary. The more you read, the more exposure you gain to words. I actually have noticed myself find a long, smart sounding word in a book that I have used in a sentence or two to someone after I look it up and find the true meaning of it and how to use it correctly. Who doesn’t want to sound like a smart person?

4. Gain knowledge. This one may be obvious, but it’s really important. Reading expands your knowledge. Non-fiction or not, you will always learn something new about the world. Wether it’s math related or phycology related, people are always open to learning new things, and if the story is engaging and the reader is hooked, that fact may stick with them forever.

5. Improve your skills as a writer. Reading another writers work makes you notice small details like punctuation, flow and style. Then, when you write fas a hobby, for work or for school, you may use those skills in your writing.

6. Improve your memory. I recently read a great book, Dorothy must Die, and I remember the whole plot. It’s  truly amazing what reading can do. I remember even small details like the weather, or the facial expressions of an extra character.

7. Entertainment. Reading gives you something to do. If you’re bored, pick up a book. Now you are doing something good instead of eating because you’re bored or surfing through Instagram. Gosh, I sound like my mom.

8. Enjoy the world of arts. There was a study that proved people who read more for fun many times a month, are more likely to go to live concerts, art museums, and even more likely to pick up an artistic ability themselves, like singing or piano.

9. Improves your Imagination. Reading fiction or other genres related to it gives you scenarios to fall into, to believe are true. This will help your brain think up other scenarios that aren’t true, or aren’t true yet. Readers will notice themselves becoming more inventive, and more imaginative.

10. Why Not. Look at the above 9 reasons and give me a reason not to read. *Mic. drop*

Now, go pick up a book! Or… go to my book recommendations blog post, it will help if you can’t find a book.



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