Uglies {Review}

I recently finished reading Uglies by Scott Westerfield. It is an amazing book that can be a little slow by eventually picks up the pace. This book review is going to be done in a casual Pro and Con format. I hope you enjoy! 


First of all, I love the detail of the setting in this book. I loved how the world they lived in was played out. I have to admit the whole “uglies” and “pretties” concept was a little confusing at first, but I grew to love it. The world seemed so crisp and fresh to me. I could tell Westerfield put a lot into the setting. Another thing I loved was the plot. It was so exciting and always a page turner. (except in the slightly slower parts where Tally was showing her daredevil side start to come out and when she was drooling over some boy what’s-his-face.) I found myself physically engaged in the book too. In the parts where tension was building, I had to pace around my room. When something bad happened to a character, I found myself saying “NO!” out loud. I once even found myself shedding a few tears, or getting squirmy over romance. In my opinion, books that get you physically into it are the best books. Another thing that I think makes a good book better is the theme. This book had the perfect theme, that appearance shouldn’t matter. Yes, it’s simple and slight cliche, but it’s the way it was perceived that made it so much better. In the end, I remember reading this book and not wanting to end, which is good because this book is the first of s series!! yay! HOPEFULLY they don’t let me down and ruin my perspective on this book.


Sadly, there were a few things about this book that made it a 4 star and not a 5. I felt that the characters were a little bland and basic. Sure, a miss-fit nerdy girl who was a little shy and eventually became brave and heroic? I’ve heard that before. *COUGH* Hunger games and Divergent. *COUGH*. Also, Scott’s writing often confused me and slowed down the engaging part of the book. Maybe it was just because I couldn’t relate, but a lot of action scenes had me feeling like Scott skiped a big part and in the end, it felt really blurry. There are many exciting moments in this book, like when – oh wait this is a spoiler free review-. Well, there are many exciting parts in this book and Westerfield’s enthusiasm was very low. There wasn’t a drum role nor did I ever feel shocked. A lot of things are predictable, and if they aren’t then Westerfield’s writing made them feel like I had predicted it because of its lack of enthusiasm.

In the end, I can happily say that this book was amazing. I loved most of the things about it. There are some things that bring it’s awesomeness down, but can you name a book that i 100% and completely perfect that includes romance, action, and has a dystopia setting?

pic-creds to Cinderella in Rubber Shoes


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