Truest Book Journey {Part One}

I just started reading Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers and I decided to try something new here on my blog. I want to explain my first thoughts and feelings as I read the book. Please beware, there will be spoilers! 

Chapters 1-3

One of the characters that I love so far is Silas. I don’t know much about Silas, which is what makes him so great, mysterious characters are my favorite. All I know is that Silas is tall, handsome, and kind of rude. He is ignoring West, the main character who sounds like she has a small crush on him. I love the way Sommers shows that West may have a crush on Silas without even saying it. She is exceptionally good at implying things. The way West checks her teeth and how her face goes red when he looks at her says it all. I can’t help but wonder if Silas is ignoring West because he’s just disinterested or hopefully he is very shy at speaking to girls. Off the bat, i’m a little confused on why Silas is showing up at their door and what they are doing. I feel like a few chapters were lopped off and it could of used a little more setting-up of the setting. This book so far is pretty good, slightly boring, and has the potential of juicy romance considering the fact that West has a boyfriend, therefore she’s emotionally cheating! OOOOOOHHH!! The rest of the chapter takes West into Silas’s house and she and her father are introduced to his family. Another interesting character is Laurel, Silas’s sister. Just listen to this sentence, “Her eyes looked deep into mine, not unkindly-but fierce. And only for a moment. Then they seemed to fade somehow, as if a light inside her had turned off. It gave me goosebumps.”

I am absolutely loving all the conversations between Silas and West. Their personalities are really starting to come out and a spark is growing. When West is with her boyfriend, Elliot, I can see her comparing them with each other. Something bad is bound to happen. I actually like Elliot but he’s kind of boring. A modest Football star. Silas seems a little more interesting. However, I don’t believe that Elliot should be cheated on. He seems like a generally nice guy. He’s not pressuring her and he’s kinda funny in a teasing way. I may start hating West if she cheats on him. After all, they have been together for two years. I still feel like the setting could be explained more as well as new characters being introduced. It’s kinda like, wait who? Oh that… guy? It’s tiring but hopefully it stops soon. Something I love about West is her attitude. I know she likes Silas, but she still has a little ‘tude when talking to him which Silas laughs at teasingly. She also loves books which makes her have something huge in common with Silas (I’m inferring). Other than those two characteristics she seems a little bland. Sure, confident and book-loving. Sounds like someone I know minus the confidence.. haha.

In the third chapter, I get a little insight on what West’s family is like. Her father’s a pastor who is always bust and her mother is someone that lives by God and is strict. How strict? As strict as not letting her seventeen year old and her other kids say “crap” or “moron”. West believes her mother’s personality was sucked up by her dads. Everyone supposedly likes and knows him, but her mom is just “The pastor’s wife”. Sounds kind of depressing if you asked me. There are more and more conversations between West and Silas now that they have a summer job at the same place. They are even getting lunch together! Silas has a girlfriend. NOT A LOVE SQUARE OH NO!

In the end these chapters were pretty great, stay tuned next journey for more

journey’s- reading quickly for a school project because who has the time to actually read the book?  (Unless it’s a good one) 

pic-creds to this beautiful blog, Fellow Passengers


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