Truest Book Journey {Part Two}

” I stared, wondering at something so otherworldly. I hadn’t known it would hit me like this. It’s like a baptism, I thought, remembering what Silas had said about it: identity, wonder, favor. All three are working me over”. 

Jackie Lea SommersTruest. 

{I was wondering how I should format this review-thingy and I decided to do it in a main-idea format.}


In these 7 chapters, it is becoming obvious that Silas and West are growing closer with each other and will probably end up cheating on their current partners (although they are already cheating, emotionally). They are listening to August Arms together which was Silas’s idea and it’s West’s favorite show. They are detailing cars together which means spending a lot of time with each other, lunches included. They are talking about poetry and books together, which is a common interest West has with Silas but not Elliot. They also both have family issues, whether they know it or not. Elliot is playing the jealous-boyfriend type which comes off a little over-protective, but I do not blame him. Just take a look at this,

I threw off my seat belt and hurried out of the pickup, throwing my arms around Elliot as if I hadn’t seen him for a year, squeezing him tight around the waist. He laughed. ‘Nice to see you too,’ he said… Silas was getting out of the cab and coming around the back of the pickup.

‘Hey,’ Elliot said, still with me dangling off him. His voice was cold and unfriendly. It embarrassed me a little.

‘Hey,’ Silas said. ‘Silas Hart.’ He reached to shake Elliot’s hand, but Elliot just stared at his hand. Silas pointed an awkward finger at him and muttered, ‘Right’.

‘This is Elliot, my boyfriend,’ I said to Silas.

‘Awesome,’ Silas said, unimpressed.

Silas and Elliot both went for my bike at the same moment but Silas got to it first. He looked a little smug as he set it down in front of me.

ISN’T THAT CONFLICTING?! Elliot now knows that Silas is a threat when he says, “He’s fricking tall.” and he doesn’t seem to trust West enough to let this whole thing slide. After the incident though, it seemed to me like Elliot was avoiding West. If you thought your girlfriend was cheating, wouldn’t you want to hang out with her way more? Or dump her? Personally, I like Silas better. But that does not mean it is still okay to cheat, if she cheats. If you like Silas more, break up with Elliot. Sure it might crush his heart, but at least you aren’t cheating on him. No one deserves to be cheated on.

Also, Silas’s mysterious girlfriend Beth should not be cheated on either. When Beth calls Silas while he’s detailing the car with West, Silas walks out of earshot and talks to Beth. It is obvious he’s hiding West from her. I wonder what would happen if Beth visits him. hmmmm…


In chapter nine, West uncovers the mystery on Laurel. She has a disease that makes her think she created what she’s seeing. She can’t tell if she’s dreaming or in reality. This can lead to good days and bad days. For example, on her good day, she woke up and tripped over Sila’s guitar. The unexpected shock of pain reminded her that she was in reality and is what led her to have a good day. Bad days can include large amounts of screaming and crying. West, knowing this, is starting to become closer to Laurel even though she thinks it’s a little uncomfortable how easily Laurel communicates and how Laurel instantly trusts her with very personal information like her views on life or what’s going on in her disease. I think that West sees Laurel as a female Silas. The was she describes Laurel is comparing their alike features like their lips, eyebrows, and jaws. Maybe West is hanging with Laurel to become closer to Silas because Silas doesn’t seem like the type to let people in easily.

Dad Problems

West is torn. Her father is always working and is never home. This is emotionally hurting her. Once, she wandered into her fathers office to talk to him about Laurel, but there were a lot of people in his office so she went to Silas’s instead. I’m not quite sure how this is going to affect her in the long run or if it will affect her in the long run. All I know is that she feels disconnected to her dad, and maybe a little closer to Silas because he has sister issues as well. I am noticing that Silas seems to be sharing more with West than she is to him. Silas doesn’t know about her dad problems and West knows about Silas’s sister problems.

In the end, I totally ship it. Just end your current relationships please? I know this book is supposed to be juicy and all that but I just want Silas and West to have the best relationship ever without all that drama stuff.

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(Pic-creds go to the account listed on the photo, @_mybookworld. An Instagram perhaps?)


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