Truest Book Journey {Part Three}

I really liked Silas and West’s conversation, but that whole cheating thing was bugging me on the back of my mind. 

Welcome to the third part of the Truest Book Journey! 

{Chapter Eleven}

In this chapter, obviously, West and Silas are spending more and more time together. When are they not? Am I right. Not only is West growing closer to Silas, but also to Laurel. However, West is a little afraid of Laurel. West doesn’t know when Laurel’s attitude will change. If she will laugh or cry. Nonetheless, they are spending a lot of time together. West and Silas are close, but adding Laurel creates an unbreakable trio.

“‘We would be your groupies, West.'”

Yes, growing closer to all these people is good, but growing apart from your boyfriend is not good. Whenever West is on the phone with Elliot, she seems to be talking about Silas all the time, and Elliot is noticing. On the phone, West is talking about Silas’s views on the Earth’s color or whatever-basically something nerdy and totally Silas- and Elliot responds with a yawn and “‘I think you haven’t quit talking about Silas ever since I picked up the  phone. ‘” This leads into a fight between the couple and also to the realization to West that her summer is pretty boring without Silas

{Chapter Twelve} 

Twelve has to be one of my favorite chapters. It’s pretty juicy. First, Silas and West plan to go swimming (more of Silas’s idea but West follows along). They get packed up and they need sunscreen because Silas’s basically a vampire, so they drive to a supermarket. West tells Silas to stay in the car but she doesn’t tell him why. The reason why is because West sees Elliot’s friends car in the parking lot. Silas doesn’t listen and surprises West in the market. Silas also meets Elliot’s friend and they take a liking to each other. But what will happen when they run into Elliot?! DUH, DUH, DUUUUH.

After that, they go swimming. Here, Silas takes his top right off and jumps in, while West is more conservative. Then, Silas massages her back while applying sun screen. Yeah, maybe this was supposed to be cute, but it wasn’t at all. West was cheating and it was kind of disgusting to me. Maybe two friends applying sun screen on each other isn’t so bad, but it’s the thoughts that go through West’s head that are disgusting. When she’s putting sunscreen on his back, she sees freckles and he wan’t to kiss them. C’mon. That’s just plain gross. I understand that this is what makes the story interesting, but I still can’t shake the fact that this is cheating on a perfectly good, slightly jealous and paranoid, guy.

Speaking of Elliot, the next event was pretty spicy too. Basically, West and Elliot say that they haven’t been spending a lot of time with each other recently, so they have been planning this date for a while now. The day finally comes, but three of Elliot’s friends show up when West and Elliot about to leave for their date. The showed up because a party they were at sucked. Then, Silas shows up. I feel like Silas has a magic crystal ball and is just watching West and is entering in the perfect times to jeopardize their relationship. Laurel is there, too. So, the date turns into a group date-ish thing. Elliot is furious. The plan to get there involves West going into Silas’s car so that they don’t get lost on the way there. Elliot is even more mad now, and kisses her right before she leaves. The kiss wasn’t a “love you” sort of kiss. It was a “marking my territory” sort of kiss because right after, he glares straight at Silas. This part was confusing because why couldn’t Elliot just suggest someone else to go into that car other than West? Maybe one of his friends?

Thank you for reading Part Three! I know it only goes to chapter twelve, but that’s because I will not be doing any more book journey things. The reason is, that this is a really good book. I love it. But I dread reading it because I have to take notes. It makes it feel like I am reading for school and that kind of reading is very un-fun for me. However, I will do a final review on this book after I finish reading. Thank you for your patients while I give up! haha… heh. 



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