Truest {Review}

“I’m seventeen. Seems like I only blinked and here I am. I’m speeding like a rocket toward death. I’m spiraling toward the end of now and the start of infinity. It’s a countdown. But to what? Can’t gift wrap eternity.”

-Jackie Lea Sommers 

Please enjoy my review on Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers. (NOT MY IMAGE)

(Spoilers Ahead)

The beginning of the book was simple and nice. It was about a love triangle, and although the two main characters were both cheating on their current partners, I still like the characters. In Book Journeys about this book, I have said that it’s annoying and I wish they wouldn’t have to cheat. But I realized that yes, they have to cheat in order to make it so that the readers don’t fall asleep. Granted, they could’ve made it more interesting in a different way, but it wouldn’t be as… juicy. I would never in 100 years expect that one of the characters would die. You would never expect a love story like this to include death, right? (Except for The Fault in Our Stars but I’m trying to make a point). Jackie Lea Sommers decided to get the readers hooked, and then to kill a character off. I was bewildered. I actually shed a few tears. The way that Sommers made this character so real, and then was just able to kill it made me feel something that is un describable in words. It may be weird to love a death, but I loved this one. Ok, that sounds weird. Let me explain. I am not in love with the fact that someone died, but I am in love with the way the death surprised me. Sommers didn’t even mention anything closely related to death in the blurb. This is by far my favorite book i’ve read all year. (Okay, okay. I’ve said that a lot.)

The characters. Oh my gosh. They were so real and so believable. For example, when Silas and West first met, West thought that Silas didn’t like her. She thought that because of his body language and facial expression. In most romantic stories, the characters fell a connection when they first meet. That’s much to fake so I loved how Silas and West had to work to learn their similarities, and they built a relationship off of that.

This book also introduces family troubles, mental illnesses, drinking problems, and the love triangle, of course! Let’s start with family troubles. West is a girl that had a strong connection with her dad when she was younger, but as she got older, her dad’s job as a pastor got more serious and he was often away helping some other family. This led to West feeling very, very alone so she made decisions based off of that. For example, if she had a closer relationship to her father, she probably wouldn’t be as close to Silas. Mental illnesses played a big role in this book as well. Silas’s beautiful sister, Laurel, had a disease that made it hard for her to tell if she’s dreaming of not. She often wondered if she imagined her entire family, sometimes she wondered if she imagined god. She feared that one day she would wake up and everything would be gone. If Laurel didn’t have this problem, Silas may of seemed more blank and empty to West. West was able to connect with Laurel as well. Once, she was crying because Silas was fed up with her and he was yelling. West stopped Silas and slapped Laurel on the face to give her a shock. The shock would make her realize that this is real life. Then she tells her that if this is a dream, to make it the best dream she would ever have. That did help Laurel, but obviously it didn’t help enough. Eventually, she was found in a truck under a bridge. On the night of her accident, Silas and West aren’t there because West suggested to go to the bell tower even though Silas was a little worried about Laurel. Once Laurel dies, Silas blames West and calls her a distraction. This leads to the breaking up of them, but they eventually get back together. Drinking Troubles are also discussed. You can already see the teens drinking a little bit, but once Laurel dies, it’s all downhill from there. Whit, the boy that Laurel was dating at the time, seemed to blame himself. Even though Laurel had a few drinks, he still let her get into the truck. Since Whit’s father is also gone he feels very alone and it leads him to have a drinking problem. Once, Whit even gets West drunk on accident, and Elliot drives her home. This leads us to the love triangle. In the beginning of the book when it was less dark, there was a love triangle. Elliot was West’s best friend and now boyfriend for a while. They both seemed very happy. When Silas arrives to their little town, he takes West’s heart, even though Silas also has a girlfriend, Beck. Silas and West spend lots of time with each other. Eventually, West breaks up with Elliot but that doesn’t mean that their relationship wasn’t built off of lies.

I loved this book so much, that I wish I could turn it into a blanket and wrap myself in it for eternity. It was that good. It was so good that I procrastinated writing this review because I was afraid of not being able to express how good it was. It was so good that if there is a prequel or a sequel, I may cry. It was so good that I did cry, actually, while reading it. 500 stars.





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