No Place Like Oz {Review}

“They say you can’t go home again. Well, I’m proof that’s not true. Home isn’t just where you’re born-it’s where you belong. I found my home and I let it go. But I came back. Now I was home for good, and I would never, ever make the mistake of leaving again. The past was gone forever. There was no place like here.”

-Danielle Paige 

No Place like Oz is the first prequel of nine prequels total. This one tells what happened before Amy Gum in four Dorothy Must Die books. This story is told in Dorothy’s perspective.

It starts out with Dorothy in Kansas, after she had gotten back from Oz. She wasn’t liking her Kansas life. Her friends treated her differently because they though she was lying about all the fantastic things in Oz for attention. A lot of others treated her like a fragile flower, one touch and she would break. She hated it. After fighting with her Aunt Em and her Uncle Henry, she goes up to her bedroom and receives a mysterious present from Glinda, the supposedly good witch. The gift is the red heels. Dorothy puts them on and taps her heels three times. Her Aunt and Uncle walk in. They see her and are at a loss of words. She whispers, “there is no place like Oz”. Then she, Toto, Em, and Henry are all transported to Oz. This led to Em and Henry supporting Dorothy and realizing that she wasn’t lying. However, the good feeling doesn’t last very long because Em and Henry want to go back to Kansas but Dorothy refuses to let them. Dorothy is slowly turing into an evil person as she wears the shoes. The shoes from Glinda are obviously doing something to her. Em and Henry are murdered by Dorothy, accidentally, and Dorothy blames Ozma. That’s when she defeats Ozma of all her power. Then she becomes the Ozma we know from the Dorothy Must Die series. Dorothy becomes the ruler and turns Oz into hatred.

I liked this book because it filled in a lot of blanks from the Dorothy Must Die series. I feel like I know Dorothy a lot more. She really is a sweet little girl, but the shoes cause her to have a horrible thirst for magic which turns her into a not-so-sweet little girl. I also enjoyed how Danielle Paige was able to imply things without really stating them. I could tell that Glinda really was evil, even if the story is told in Dorothy’s perspective and Dorothy sees Glinda as a loving mother. I also really enjoyed the way I was able to feel Em and Henry’s pain when they saw Dorothy as a whole different person. Even they could tell it was the shoes. This short story is truly a masterpiece and I can’t wait to read 0.2 and 0.3 in the prequel series.

Note: I am reading the books in the wrong order because book two of the Dorothy Must Die series, The Wicked Will Rise, always seems to be checked out from the library! I recommend that people should read the four books in the Dorothy Must Die series first, and then the prequel series second. I just loved the books too much, I couldn’t wait! The four books in the Dorothy Must Die series are Dorothy Must Die, The Wicked Will Rise, Yellow Brick War, and The End of Oz. The nine books in the prequel series are all listed here.


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