The Wizard Returns {Review}

“Your Majesty, I’m honored. I’ll certainly consider your offer.” She nodded and tossed the banana peel over her shoulder; a guard hurried forward to catch it. “Now,” she said, “I must attend to my people.” With that, she swept out the door, a scatter of rhinestones sparkling in her wake and the guard trailing behind her.”

-Danielle Paige, The Wizard Returns 

I want to start out by apologizing for my delay with this review. I finished it a while back and it was such a quick, short book that I kinda forgot I had read it. The impression isn’t as lasting but then again, it’s a prequel about one character, so that’s all right.

In this book, we get a closer look that the Wizards life after he had left for on his balloon. Everyone had believed that he went back to “The Other Place”, instead he ended up in the middle of the poppy field where he send a few years sleeping, only to be awaken by a boy telling him that Oz needs him but he first has to go through 3 tests to prove his heart, brain and courage. (This “boy” ends up being Pete which gets really confusing after I read The Wicked Will Rise).

I really enjoyed learning about the back story of the Wizard. However, it seems a little set-up. Like how did Pete really find him and stuff like that. A lot of the characters are sketchy, especially the fairies. Yes, it was rushed but there are so many of these prequel books and there are quite short that it’s okay for them to be kinda rushed.

I think this is the only prequel that leaves me questioning and wanting more information about the main character, especially because of how the Wizard acted in The Wicked Will Rise. That was extremely confusing.

I did love how Danielle created the mind of the Wizard and explained what was happening as he “found himself” and tried to think back on his past self, his lesser self. It was quite interesting. I also liked how Danielle described how The Wizard justified his choices, bad and good.

In the end this book isn’t a good or bad read, it’s just a read. It feel like it didn’t fill up the holes and the it didn’t use up all its potential. The first two books in this series raise up the expectations, which is one of the reasons why this book felt kind of bland to me.


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