Heart of Tin {Review}

“Think about the first time you really fell in love. No, I mean, really think about it. How it was like your whole life before that moment was a black-and-white movie, and suddenly you stepped into Technicolor.”

-Danielle Paige, Heart of Tin 

Heart of Tin, the fourth book in the prequel novella series, goes over the Tin Woodman’s story around the time Dorothy got back from Oz. Tin was always in love with Dorothy, and ever since Dorothy (technically the Wizard) gave him his heart, he was practically head-over-heels for her. Once sweet little Dorothy returns from the Other Place after saving Oz, Tin is overjoyed. He can’t wait! However, Dorothy seems… different. Ever since Dorothy got back everyone Tin knew started to seem different as well.

Sadly, this book was not as good as I wanted it to be. Yes, Danielle Paige did a good job showing how the Tin Woodman transformed from a caring softie to a gruesome murderer, but sadly it gave Tin a personality that I quickly grew annoyed of. He was absolutely in love with Dorothy. No, not in love… more like obsessed. He was obsessed with Dorothy which is not okay. He sounded like a 10-year-old sobbing over a crush, analyzing Dorothy’s every move and turning it into something it’s not. At first, I thought it was kind of sweet.“My problem, when you get right down to it, was that all I ever wanted was love.” But once he started to think like this, “I struggled to keep my eyes away from the deep, tantalizing V of her dressing gown, focusing instead on her ruby-red mouth, which was no less distracting.”, it started to seem very creepy and wrong.

Another thing I disliked about the Tin Woodman was how dumb he was. Could he not see how Dorothy knew about his love for her and was using it to get the Tin man to do anything for her? I felt a little bad for this poor guy but when he started getting creepy and becoming more evil, I lost that feeling. Also, I hated how he sacrificed all his people, the Winkies, for an army for Dorothy to try and impress her but then she shoots him down and insults him. If someone made me feel as horrible as Dorothy can make the Tin Woodman feel I would NOT be in love with them. Sadly, Tin can’t decide who he loves and doesn’t love because of his heart from the Wizard, which I understand… kind of.

The end of this book gets REALLY DISTURBING. Danielle Paige does a wonderful job making us hate these characters. I hate Glinda and I hate the Scarecrow, especially in the end of this book. He was downright creepy and obsessed with Glinda. I mean, c’mon man. Obsessing over Dorothy, I might be able to understand because she was once so sweet and because Tin doesn’t have much control over his feelings. But Glinda? For someone with a brain, it should be obvious that she’s kinda a horrible person. Actually, now that I think about it, Glinda’s evil magic probably brainwashed the Scarecrow.

To summarize, these prequels are pretty good, with the exceptions of the third book and this book. They are rushed but they are made to be short, quick reads. They may not be the best books on the planet and the four originals are better, but I am still  going to read all of them for a few reasons. First, I hope that the rest are as good as the second book, and secondly, I feel like reading these books are necessary in order to better understand the chaotic events that happen in the four Dorothy Must Die books and to answer my never-ending list of questions.




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