The Straw King {Review}

“The thing you’ll never understand is that it doesn’t matter how much information you put in your brain. It’s about what you do with the information you have.”

-Danielle Paige, The Straw Kind 

The Scarecrow loves having a brain and plans to use it to read books and expand his knowledge even farther, but an attack on the palace by Jinjur and her girls messes up that idea. He’s forced to flee with the Lion and meets up with Glinda who’s obviously up to no good. The only question is if he’ll be smart enough to figure out the play and come up with an effective counter strategy.

One of the only reason I liked this book is because of the Scarecrow. He is probably one of the most interesting characters out of the Creepy Tin Woodman and flesh-eating obsessed Lion. He could see that Glinda is up to no good, but sadly, he doesn’t confront her evilness because he’s interested in solving the plot. Sure, everyone loves a good mystery, but not when other’s lives are on the line, real lives. Also, his one weakness is people complimenting his brilliance. Whenever Glinda says he’s brilliant, he stops questioning her and instead looks at the good things about her, which are only her looks.

I also liked how this book answered a lot of questions I had about Glinda, like why did she want Dorothy to come back to Oz in the first place. Now I know, thank god. What I didn’t like is that now I have even more questions about Glinda, like why she’s doing this in the first place and if she wanted to rule, why did she appoint Ozma and not herself?

Something that could of made this book even better is show more of the Scarecrows change from good to evil. He seemed very “good” in the beginning but as Glinda started showing up, he turned slightly evil because of his obsessions with mysteries. I didn’t get that sudden turn to evil because it didn’t appear that Glinda was messing with his brain using her magic. Maybe that’s what the point is, maybe the Scarecrow never really changed to evil, he just stayed the same all along, even with the experimenting and stuff. I think this because in the end of the book, he starts to wonder what it would be like if he experimented on Fiona’s, a palace maid, brain. Maybe that’s when the experimenting starts. Who knows?

In the end, this book was better than that creepy Tin Woodman book, and I enjoyed seeing how this plot unraveled. I still have my hopes set for The Ruler of Beasts to be good.


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