Ruler of Beasts {Review}

“You are not Wicked, dear Lion. But sometimes you put what you want over what is good for Oz.”

-Danielle Paige, Ruler of Beasts 


In this book, Ozma is the ruler of Oz, as she should be, and the now not-so-cowardly Lion is bored. The Lion misses Dorothy and the adventures he had with her, he is now desperate for adventure and hungry for excitement. If he was hungry, he could just east another one of his subjects, but this hunger can only be filled with a purpose to do something. So when Glinda shows up with a mission that seems sketchy to the Lion, he has nothing better to do so he jumps at this chance. This mission places the Lion in the Emerald Palace, he learns many things about many different people and it is soon clear what side he is on. Sadly, Glinda’s evil magic tosses around his brain and he follows it once again.

My Thoughts

In my opinion, I think Ruler of Beasts is a pretty good prequel novella following The Witch Must BurnThis novel adds a whole new perspective to the already juicy plot, the Nome King. I just hope he makes an appearance in Yellow Brick War or The End of Oz. Not only does it add a whole new and completely exciting perspective, but this book also answers MANY more questions than any of the books have. (maybe except for No Place Like Oz). I now know how Glinda can control Dorothy with those shoes, and it’s quite interesting. However, I must admit that the beginning is slow, it almost always is, and the end is quite annoying because the Lion was completely brainwashed by Glinda and forgot about how horrible she really was. Not only that but I feel like I just won’t really remember this book in a few weeks. Maybe that’s just me. The middle was something else. Something really, really special. The middle revealed the true bond between Ozma and the Lion. I loved seeing their friendship, it was so valuable. Sadly, I didn’t remember this kind of friendship in any of the past prequels or real books, maybe Glinda brainwashed his memories of Ozma. That’s probably most likely.


Rating: 3.5 cookies (almost four but ehh).


I’ve heard that some people don’t like the amount of books in this series, I have to say that I appreciate the work the author put into it, and I think the result is an incredibly detailed story with many twists and turns. I mean, we have to be thankful that Danielle Paige didn’t just make the four original books have many different perspectives. In the end, this book is a lot better then the three in this set, and I still have my hopes set for better in the last three of the nine!

Other Notes

I’m trying a new format for my reviews, whadaya think? I am going to be taking a small break from the entire Dorothy Must Die series unless I am able to get my hands on Yellow Brick War. The reason for this is that I want to continue the books I stopped reading because I discovered this prequel series. Books need to feel loved, ya know?

-Miss Bookie



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