A Dog’s Purpose {Review}

“The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take. All I could do now was offer him comfort, the assurance that as he left this life he was not alone but rather was tended by the dog who loved him more than anything in the whole world.”

-W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose

My oh my oh my. Where should I start? Probably here.



“A Dog’s Purpose” is a well-told story about a dog who is reincarnated several times. Each life the dog lives, he learns something and is able to use that in his next life, all leading up to what his purpose on earth is. He believes that once he fulfills his purpose, he will no longer have a new life, and will end his time on earth peacefully.

My Thoughts


This book was so darn unique! I loved the entire concept of it. The fact that I was in a dog’s brain was so different and even though the book has been around for quite some time, it felt fresh.

I instantly fell in love with this dog just by reading the first sentence. When the dog was a baby- I mean, a puppy, I could tell it was a puppy. Once the dog became more mature, I could sense that. I loved Cameron’s writing style.

I will talk about each life and what I thought about them. (I am going to try to leave stuff out so I don’t spoil too much).

In the first life, he is a stray dog. He has two brothers and one sister. I remember thinking that this dog already seemed so smart, even though he was just a pup. He had named his siblings, one was Hungry, one was Fast, and one was Sister. This life teaches him how to be an independent dog which he later uses in another life. Eventually, humans take him and his family in and take care of them. In this life, I remember not really liking his mother. She felt kind of distant and later on she abandons them, sort of. I can’t exactly hate her because she’s a dog and I am totally in-love with all dogs. Actually, I did hate one of the characters that was a dog, Spike. I DID NOT LIKE THAT BAD, BAD DOG! (You’ll get why if you read the book tee hee.)

In his second life, he was Bailey. Bailey wanders away from a puppy mill because he remembered how to open a fence door, a skill he learned in his first life. He wanders into the hands of a man that smells of smoke and alcohol. The man leaves him in the hot car and just as Bailey seems to go on to yet another life, a woman smashes the window and takes the dog out of the car. She drives him to a home when he meets Ethan, a young boy. This becomes his new home, his new family. Bailey learns how to tell good people from bad. He learns commands, tricks, and how to protect his family from the bad people. But mostly, he learns what a pleasure it is to live his life, care, and play with his boy, Ethan. I loved this life the most, I think. I fell in love with all the characters. When Bailey was put-down in this life, I actually shed tears.

In his third life, Bailey is now Ellie, a female german Shepard. Jacob, a police officer, purchases her and starts to train her to become a police dog. She learns many tricks that she uses in later lives, and in this life to save people. This life is probably one of my favorites in the book. She gets to show people just how intelligent she really is, and she was all business. Ellie ends up saving quite a few people. I liked this life because it offered a whole new perspective to being a dog. There was an obvious purpose with a lot of, well, purpose… saving people.

In the next life, she who is now a he, is confused as to why he was reborn again, after having a purpose and fulfilling it. This puts him in a state of mind where he just wants to lay down, alone. Because of his little activity, no one wants to buy him from the breeder. He ends up with a man who doesn’t care for him and is buying him for his girlfriend. HE learns that not all people are nice and some don’t care about his wellness. His life ends up being a life with no purpose. He eventually finds himself abandoned. While using what he learned in his first life to survive on his own, he soon finds himself on Ethan’s farm. He now finds a new purpose and sets on a quest to rebuild that life.


Reading this book, I felt all the feels. I felt happiness, sadness, hatred, pain, joy, confusion, and unconditional love. I also loved how the dog could pick up emotions from the humans. I loved seeing him try to figure out why humans were giving off fear, happiness, embarrassment. It was very interesting. This book truly gave me a perspective on life, and I will never look at my dog the same way ever again.

Rating: 5 cookies


This book surprised me. I remember reading it before and for some reason, not liking it. I picked this up again because I wanted a refreshment from all the fantasy I had been reading. Needless to say, I am so glad I did that. I seriously recommend this book to anyone who loves dogs. ANYONE.

-Miss βookie


Image credits to http://www.dogster.com



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