Pretties {Review}

“What happens when perfection isn’t good enough?”

-Scott Westerfeld, Pretties


Tally has finally become Pretty. Now her looks are perfect, her boyfriend is cool and beautiful, and she has an awesome clique of friends. It’s everything she’s ever wanted.

But beneath all the fun – the nonstop parties, the high-tech luxury, and being together with all her friends at last – is a nagging sense that’s something’s not quite right. Something important. Then a message from Tally’s Ugly past arrives. Reading it, Tally remembers what’s wrong with Pretty life, and the fun stops cold.

Now she has to choose between fighting to forget what she knows and fighting for her life- because the authorities don’t intend to let anyone with this information survive.

My Thoughts

(This is not a spoiler-free review, beware!)

Okay. First of all, THE PRETTY PEOPLE GOT ON MY NERVES SO MUCH. They were all super stupid, like their heads were constantly full of air. They were described to be moving as if they were in thick mud. I just could not with those idiots. Our main character, Tally Youngblood, is a pretty now and it’s hard to like her again. For pete’s sake, the beginning is of her deciding what to wear. She gets distracted easily and is constantly judging people by their looks. I understand that that is the way that Scott Westerfeld gets his point across, but hearing “bubbly”, “bogus”, “Pretty-making”, and those HORRIBLE nicknames, “Shay-la”, “Tally-wa”. UGH! It was starting to get to too much.

So we learn that adrenaline kept the pretties minds from getting all fogged up, so they could remember things. That leads Tally and her boyfriend, Zane, to do dangerous activities like climbing towers and diving off of them just to remember. It causes the story to have a lot of moments where you are on the edge of your seat. Do not read this book before bed! Unless you want to pull an all-nighter or have dreams of free-falling.

Tally meets Croy, an old Smokie friend, at a party and he leads her to a clue. The clue leads her and Zane to two pills that are supposed to make one person bubbly. Tally decides to give one to Zane which is stupid. Those pills are meant for two people. TWO PEOPLE. This choice later leads to a lot of problems. Zane starts to have really bad headaches, and Tally doesn’t.

Speaking of Zane, I am not exactly sure if I liked him or not. He was the cause of the whole mess of the Specials knowing about the Smokies in the first place because he told the Specials, but he was also tortured and stuff. He seemed very different and kind of sketchy even from the beginning. A lot more bubbly than all the other Pretties, just like Tally. (Bubbly is the word that is used to describe the state of mind where you are not “pretty-minded”. So basically you have your old “ugly” mind back and you can remember everything.) Eventually, I ended up liking Zane after I realized he wasn’t taking advantage of Tally and actually wasn’t a normal brainless Pretty.

Sometimes, when Tally would see an ugly, she would strike me as judgmental and mean. Looking at all the imperfections of their face. I guess that’s what being pretty makes you do. It just kind of bothered me. Having a main character that you don’t really like can be frustrating. Also, when people would admire her because she was popular in the coolest clique, she would turn into this cocky-ish person. WHY TALLY WHYYY.

Another character that bothered me, well two character, was Shay and Peris. Shay always felt stubborn to me. In this book, she got mad that Tally gave Zane a pill, who she barely knew, instead of her best friend, Shay. This keeps Shay bubbly, yes, but it also leads her to a dramatic turn of events. Classic Shay. She freaks out at Tally and yells at her in public (which pretties never, ever do) and then she starts this new clique called the “cutters.” Basically, the cut themselves in order to stay bubbly. WHAT THE HECK SHAY. Peris bothered me because when he was about to escape with three other Crims, (Crims is only the hottest clique in all of New Pretty Town) he chickens out and stays behind. Because of him staying behind, it slows Tally down. Instead of jumping to freedom (literally, jumping off of a tall tower with a Hoverboard), she starts yelling at Peris and misses it. The City power goes off which means she can’t fly her Hoverboard. She still decides to jump… SHE JUMPS OFF OF A TALL BUILDING ONLY BECAUSE SHE SEES A RIVER WITH METAL DEPOSITS THAT SUPPOSEDLY WOULD CATCH HER HOVERBOARD. I was fed up with the stupid-ness of this because even if the metal did catch your Hoverboard, which is very rare, it wouldn’t catch you and you would still take a very hard landing because of the momentum.

Anyways, this leads Tally into the forrest. She discovers a whole new civilization. This civilization bothered me because of their backwards ways. They believed that women were the servants. Basically, the women did all the work and the men got to eat first blah-de blah-de blaaah. This will never, ever stop bothering me.

The journey to the New Smokies will now take a week because Tally lost her Hoverboard. Then, she spots a Middle-Pretty doctor with a Hovercar. She decides to steal it. That was dumb because the Middle-Pretty probably has some way of contacting the Wardens or even worse, the Specials.

Tally eventually finds David. Of course, she can’t help but point out all the ugly features of him. David leads her to the New Smokies and to Zane, who is very, very skinny and appears to be very sick. Tally is told that the pill she took actually did nothing and she became Bubbly all by herself. That was so amazing and I admired Tally for her mental strength. Zane’s pill, on the other hand, was the one that did the work and was supposed to help, but without the one that Tally took, it hurt him instead. David’s mom was strikingly mean. I guess she was disappointed that Tally didn’t take both. I was more frustrated than disappointed. Then, they discover that there’s actually a tracker in Zane’s tooth, which he had no idea about, and Specials are 10-minutes away. With no way to get the tooth out, Tally has to decide to stay with Zane or to leave him behind and go with the Smokies. Basically, she has to choose David or Zane. This is an interesting love triangle. She, of course, decides to stay with Zane because she knows him better, they risked a lot getting here, and it’s basically her fault that he has the pain. David is hurt and tells her that she’s only choosing him because he’s pretty. Then they fight and she basically calls him Ugly-faced. So much drama! But wait, there’s more.

When the Specials arrive, they see that Shay is Special.

I officially hate Shay. She was so scary. She has pointy teeth, tattoos all over her face and hollow eyes. And she’s mean. She tells her that Tally is going to be a special. I was so upset about that and I am scared to read the rest of the books. I actually want to kill Shay. hehe.

This ending made me really sad. Sniff.


Um, so I just read my review over. I made it sound like I hated it, the characters mainly. In all honesty, I did hate the characters, most of them at least. However, I loved the way everything played out. I guess you don’t have to 100% love all the characters. There is so much conflict in this book and it’s so exciting! The ending was really upsetting, but that’s okay. Books are supposed to make you feel emotions. The only reason why I am deducting half of a cookie is because the chapters felt like they had a lot of blank space in between them. Yeah, that’s about it.

Rating: 4.5 Cookies


I say, read this series! It’s really exciting and an awesome sci-fi book. I find some sci-fi books kinda confusing, this one not so much.

Wow that was a really lame ending statement. lol.

-Miss Bookie

The featured image is not mine. I actually chose this one because I read this book on Audible. Yeah. Okay, credits to

If you want to read my review for Uglies, don’t because I wrote it a long time ago and it’s really bad. Hey, I got lazy, ok? (Also, umm it wasn’t even that long ago ahahahah).

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