Hola mis amigos!

I have decided to create a book rating system that goes with my somewhat confusing cookie theme that I constantly forget I have, and also will help people better understand my feelings towards the books I review. I look forward to having organized reviews in the future.

Here it is, my Cookie Monster Rating System


♦ Zero cookies means I hated the book with all of my heart. This rating is rarely used. Usually, if it is used, it will be because the book was terrible and I codownloadmpletely gave up on it. I will usually hate a book that has a boring plot line, annoying characters, slow movement, any signs of being racist or extremely stereotypical, bad humor, horrible dialogue, hard-to-understand descriptions, AND an unclear ending or no lasting effect, it will fall into this group. Like I said, it is rarely used. Hopefully, none of you will ever run into a book that falls into this category.


♦ This rating is used when I felt like the book was a “Zero Cookies” or a “Half-a-Cookie” rating url
but I still somehow managed to finish the whole thing. A book that goes into this group usually has a few characters that are meant to be liked but I hated, bad descriptions and confusing plot line, or maybe it was not as good as expected. A lot of times, these are second books of a series that had big shoes to fill, and just didn’t fill them. I actually think these books are the worst, because they let me down. The “Zero Cookies” books are bad from the beginning and I don’t actually finish them, so those are okay. As you can see on the right, there is a very disappointed cookie monster. How dare they only give him one! He needs at least five in order to feel fulfilled!


♦ This rating is reserved for books that are bad. The only way I was able to finish them was one
57695880character that I felt attached to, or the author that I previously loved and I felt it was my duty to finish the book, no matter the horridness. Granted, afterwards I wouldn’t mark them as one
of my favorite authors. There may have been some shorter parts in the book that were okay-able and I could get through, but most of the parts would be as very difficult to get through.


♦ This category is for books that might of been good, but they just don’t have a lasting effect on me. In my opinion, a book has to have twists and turns in order to be remembered. I love whenimages.jpg a book does something I NEVER EXPECTED

(hinting at Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys).

Surprises are what makes a book special, and when a book is too predictable, it is often not
remembered by me. Another reason a book might be here, is if it was missing some sort of major spark that made it kind of dull, it was so dull that I forgot about it leading to me forgetting about writing a review for it and then I simply just don’t remember it. 


♦ Oh man, this category. This is probably my most-used category. The reason is that I liked the
book and maybe almost loved it. However, I am left feeling like the book I read wasn’t as good and there is one tiny puzzle cookie-monster-birthday-4piece missing. Sometimes, this isn’t even the books fault. Sometimes, I place a book here because it took me too long to read and therefore I blame it for being too slow. In reality, it’s probably not slow, it’s just with all the breaks I took in between reading, it felt choppy and slightly confusing.


♦ These are the books that I loved from beginning to end.

These are the books that belong on imgresmy favorites shelf in Goodreads. These are the books that I email the authors asking for
sequels. These are the books that I will recommend for years. These are the beloved five stars (cookies). Everyone wishes for them, few get them. Luckily, I am fortunate to have a handful of “Five Cookie” books that I have read in my life so far.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.